Nothing is going to ruin your photos, especially not bad weather!

Here’s some of my favorite tips as a photographer on how to deal with bad weather, without the added stress!

My couples ask me all the time, how to handle bad weather at their soul session, wedding or elopement. It’s not an unreasonable question to ask, living in Port Elizabeth because it’s not called the windy city for nothing. The weather is unpredictable at the best of times, always prepare for all four seasons in one day – never a dull moment, if you ask me!


  • Check the weather but don’t let it stress you out too early because the forecast will change many times in the weeks leading up.
  • Always have a backup plan…also check with your vendors about change on short notice.
  • Most importantly, all that really matters is spending the day with the person you love, that the only real way that weather can ruin your day, is if you let it stress you out too much that you forget to have a blast.

Still need some more convincing? Here are some specific bad weather scenarios and my tips on how to handle them!


No such thing as bad weather. Just opportunities.

Most likely, being in Port Elizabeth, it will be windy in the afternoons. Generally, I feel like the wind adds such lovely movement to bridal portraits, it somehow makes everything just that little bit more magical Not that keen on that windy vibe? That’s okay, here’s how we can work around it!

  • Be okay with having some of your bridal portraits taken outside so that you can make use of the windy element.
  • Make sure your photographer does the majority of your bridal portraits in a wind shaded area or indoors. Indoor bridal portraits are stunning too!


Le’t’s have some fun with clear umbrellas

Sometimes, it just rains but luckily the rain never lasts for long in summer, so chances are you’ll only have to worry about it for a little but of showers at the most. And there are a couple of things you can do to in advance to make sure you’re not stressed out if it does start to rain.

  • Have a flexible timeline.
  • Buy a couple clear or white umbrellas (ask me where, I know where they hang out!)
  • Be okay with getting your shoes and clothes a bit wet and muddy (with in reason, of course)
  • Make sure your photographer can handle it. I shoot on weather-sealed Canon cameras, so bad weather does not scare me.


Wait for with your portraits until sunset! It’s so worth it, PROMISE!

  • Have lots of water available, because staying hydrated is key to surviving the heat!
  • Schedule most of your portraits for later in the day, even if it means, sneaking away from the festivities.
  • Make use of the shade! Think about this, is there a space where the guests can escape to during the canapes? How about big trees where you can do your photos?

Preparation is your best friend! And with all the planning you’ve done for your day, it will be impossible for bad weather to ruin your day!

While you never know what kind of weather you’ll get, being prepared for any whether will ensure that you handle it so much better on the day.

Remember this, you might not be able to control the weather, but you sure as heck can bring your own vibe and of course refuse to let that influence your #dreamday!

In fact, bringing your own vibe to your day is the very best way to have a kick-ass day, even if it’s windy, rainy or hot as anything.

Just look over to your side, that’s the love of your life, right there and if you can handle this, there nothin you cannot handle together!

All my love


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