In all honesty, I never go anywhere without making sure I know where I can get the good coffee, because being prepared is what makes the dream work.

Ever heard of fashion photographers scouting their locations? Yes, they do because this means, on the day, no time is wasted finding that magical light and perfect spot.   

I do this for every client, because no location is the same, every single day. Lighting conditions will vary as well as the weather, so making sure I get the very best for you, is why I love doing my homework.

Here are some of the things I do, to make sure I am adequately prepared:

Scout at the right time.

It’s super important to scout the location at the right time to get a good feel for the lighting condition, it’s important to take the time to consider how the light will change throughout the day as the sun shifts.

Golden hour may be earlier or later in certain locations, depending on how the sunsets at the location.

Evaluate the area.

Making sure that you’re having an absolute blast is my top priority so as part of this, I ensure that we shoot at locations that are safe for us to walk around and have some fun.

Considering the accessibility of the location will save so much time on the date of the session, because a visually compelling location may be a frustrating challenge if it’s not easily accessible. It’s so important to be logical about location and therefore to creatively think about the location during the scouting process.

A match made in heaven!

It’s so important for me to ensure that I match the location to your story. Here’s why, I absolutely love how the location for your soul session compliments your overall style and look. It adds a beautiful nuance to your story.

I love to consider the location for your soul session to be a secondary subject in the imagery like a supporting character to the composition that adds depth and texture to your story.

Mood boards, Pinterest, and social media

In general, when you reach out to me, you may have specific characteristics in mind for your session which may be sprinkled with words like “fun”, “outdoors” or “modern” or even “unposed” to describe what you have in mind.

So, as a visual artist, I communicate best through imagery and so before I explore any location options for you, I’ll ask you to create a one-page mood board of images to help communicate what you’re imagining.

Pro Tip: Find images that translate to you and your lover and that you’re both comfortable with. It’s so much more fun when both parties are having a blast!

Weather or not we love it, is the questions

Living in the windy city of Port Elizabeth/Gqeberha means that you and I will most probably experience all four seasons in one day so scouting a location that will be minimally affected by this is key.

However, not all weather is bad, a windy afternoon will mean that we will get the most amazing movement from that gorgeous dress that you’re planning on wearing. It will also translate beautifully to all those running shots that you have in mind.

Last Pro Tip: Always have a Back-up

It’s always a good idea to have a back-up plan, that’s why, I love having a secondary location in my back pocket. All you need to do, is ask and I’ll have it ready!

Lize x

Are you ready?

I’d love to have a chat with you to find out more about the vision for your day and to see if you lovers and I are a perfect it!!

Enquire here about my services because I cannot wait to hear from you!!

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