EPIC wedding tips for your EPIC day – ready?

Dreaming about your picture perfect day for as long as you can remember? Or are you just so hekkin’ excited to marry your bestie, I’ve here for all of it and we’re sure as heck going to make it EPIC!

So while you’re over there looking all amazing, I’ll be your wedding photographer aka your new bestie and third wheeler making sure that these memories are your legacy and of course, I have a pocket full of insider tips on how you can be sure its going to be filled with EPICNESS…

Let’s do this thing!

#1 – Whose day, whose rules?

This is a once in a life-time thing, and it’s your thing that’s the start of a brand new adventure for both of you LoveBugs. There really are no rules, you can kick traditions to the curb and own your day. Fill it with all your favorite things – because it’s yours.

I mean, why not get ready with your favorite person or do an intimate first look and walk down the isle together? Or how about an insane donut tower to compliment that champagne tower? I mean – can you imagine the sick memories?

It’s all about you and the memories that you’re going to relive so plan a day that reflects you and your relationship and all the things you two LoveBugs enjoy.

#2 – Good Vibrations!

There are so many elements that go into wedding planning so when your big day arrives, be sure to bring your own energy. Have a slow night the day before, grab bubble bath, catch up on your favourite Netflix show, just do whatever it is that relaxes you and puts you in a good mood so that you are ready for your big day feeling your very best.

#3 – Let it go!

Let it go – yeah – you heard me! Let someone else take charge on the day so that you can enjoy every single moment of your big day without having to sweat the small stuff. Actually – I high recommend that you put someone else in charge (someone you can trust to handle things – the maid of honor or bestie normally works perfectly for this!) I promise you – it will give you an insane amount of peace!

#4 – Make the time

Planning your timeline is a big thing and sometimes, weddings don’t always go as planned, but that’s okay – don’t stress – it’s completely fine because you can have a generous run-sheet that will make sure that ensures that your big day flows as smoothly as possible.

This is so important because even if you’re running late, you will have time to spare which means you will not be feeling flustered and will be able to truly enjoy every single part of your day.

Taking about truly enjoying your day, I love some extra time around sunset to make sure we get those stunning hazy photos that you want – which means the more time, the wider the selection of images you will have.

#5 – How was the food?

Okay, this is a biggie – you’ve carefully selected the food on the menu so make sure that you have some of the good food that’s being served. More importantly, how about asking the chef to pack you a takeaway so that the party can continue once you two LoveBugs dash off at the end of the night!

#6 – Airplane mode

Be present, be in the moment, leave your phone with your second in charge. As your wing-gal and third-wheeler, I need you to trust that it’s my job to capture all the special moments of your day. I’ve gotcha Boo!

#7 – Just the three of us

Be like Romeo and Juliet, sneak away together, take a break, enjoy the fact that you are now officially married – wait – what!! Yes, MARRIED!! Let that sink in for a moment and remember it’s all about you – just the two of you (and me – I’ll be there too to sneak some goodness).

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