Heyyy Lovers!

I am so very obsessed with telling better stories for you. I am a lover of how beautiful life is, no matter how messy and that’s why documenting the essence of your love for your soul mate and your precious connection is why I tell better stories but it does not stop there. I want you to take those memories and have them printed – hold them close, look at them all the time, relive the nostalgia! Make it last. If you ask me what I would grab if my house was burning (after my coffee cup, family bible, and shouting at the kid and fur kids to follow) it would absolutely be my photographs!!

Here are 5 reasons why printing your images or ordering that album is so hekkin important…


When the wedding is over, your photographs are one of only tangible things you will have left to remember the day so pleeeaase do not leave the the fate of your most precious moments and memories of loved ones to the server-gods!! Please!! Yes, drama lama much, but there will always be a risk of losing digital files and data.

Print Your Photos

So about all those images that sit on a hard drives or USB in your bottom drawer, at the bottom of the draw, they easily get lost in the messiness that is life or just among all the other thousands of beautiful photos of holidays, the arrival of the first and second baby, and family events.

But think of this, one day, your babies wont stay small forever because time is fleeting and they will want to see the greatest love-story of all time, their mum and dad’s wedding day. This is the time when a wedding album becomes priceless.

A priceless family legacy

Imagine how much your family will love looking at these photographs, 20 years down the line, at a family dinner or even at Christmas!! Print them!! ASAP!!


Often people say that they have more than enough time and will create their own album or have their images printed, however, life happens and it’s messy and things don’t always happen the way we plan. So here’s a handy tip, when planning your wedding, why not ask your family members for donations towards this heirloom gift of having a album designed and printed by your photographer. It’s a heartfelt gift that will mean so much to everyone involved in curating this wedding gift for you!

they were always meant to be printed

It really is that simple, pick the most meaningful ones, the ones that really mean the world to you because photos were meant to be printed to truly enjoy them! If your wedding budget allows, definitely plan from the start to invest in a wedding album, I guarantee you that you will not regret this!!

Lovers, time is fleeting, I see beauty everywhere and my vision is to curate and foster a soulful connection for you and to artfully weave your story into wistful nostalgia. Mindfully observing so that you can remember forever.


I’d love to have a chat with you to find out more about the vision for your day and to see if you lovers and I are a perfect it!!

Enquire here about my services because I cannot wait to hear from you!!