Everything you need to know about planning your Romantic Elopement / Intimate Wedding

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I really wanna chat about Intimate Wedding vs. Elopement: What’s The Difference?

Is there even a difference? Heck yes, there is and understanding the difference makes the planning process easier for everyone. Both types of ceremonies are simplistic and romantic and involve few, or even no guests at all (whatever your vibe, I’ve gotcha!) While downsizing weddings are a growing trend that saves money, there are some services you just can’t skip, like hiring a professional photographer.

Fostering your memories so that you can remember is why I do this!

As you consider the type of ceremony you want, understanding the difference between an elopement and an intimate wedding leads to a better understanding of the difference regarding pricing and availability of your perfect fit photographer.

Are you ready to take a closer look at elopements?

So, if you google the term elopement., you’ll probably find something along the lines like this “an act of running off secretly, as to be married—evokes images of romance and adventure.” The thing is that this is a very old-school, traditional definition of eloping. Kinda almost like it’s a shameful act, and believe me, it is nothing like that at all!!

A great, more modern definition of the term elopement, is a smaller, intentionally-thought out wedding, so basically, it means taking the time to stop and think and have a conversation with your Lover to craft and curate an experience that is true to you and your relationship.

A wedding that is 100% you. A carefree day that you will never forget! Also, not only does eloping save money, but it also eliminates the pressures associated with planning a large wedding. Oh, did I even mention that it could include all the elements that you absolutely love?

Here are additional reasons an elopement is an attractive choice for many couples:

  • The guest list is small—usually under 10 people. In fact, some elopement ceremonies have no guests except for the officiant and witnesses.

    The ceremony can take place anywhere—From your backyard, beach, restaurant, rolling hills, you name the where (and even when) guess what, THERE ARE NOW RULES!!

  • There is no reception—once the ceremony is over, it’s over. There’s no food served, first dances, or cutting of the cake. The lack of a reception is where the primary savings are found as catering, music, and a reception location often add up to a great expense.

    The Importance of a Photographer

    Eloping means that many lovers forego many of the traditional elements of a traditional wedding but keep those elements that are dear to them, for example, sourcing an epic location and booking your dream photographer. Your elopement is still one of the most special days of your life – so why not get those dreamy photos too?!!??!!! *sneaky drop, right there* LOLOL

    Elopements are more laid back and therefore, the style of photography is more from a storytelling perspective, documentary and instrumental curating memories of your off-the beaten path, wedding day.

    Let’s TRULY create a day that is true to you in all your favorite places and spaces!

What Defines an Intimate Wedding?

An intimate wedding differs from an elopement in many ways, the most basic being the size of the guest list. There is often some type of reception after the ceremony. However, it does not contain all the bells and whistles that you would normally have at a big traditional wedding. The focus is on keeping the reception simple yet enjoyable for your guests.

Speaking of guests, I know it is always hard to decide who to invite and how to break the news to those that haven’t made the list.

 Pro Tip: for those sweet folk that don’t make the list, you can always send over a sweet gift or have a big 1st anniversary dinner and have them over to celebrate after the fact.

Also, intimate weddings make for great destination weddings and you’re sure to find a romantic setting that provides the perfect ambiance for your intimate wedding. You could even consider renting extra space and encourage guests to extend their stay in order to explore all the area has to offer.

Intimate Wedding versus Elopement Photography

The good news is that when it comes to celebrating your love, there are a variety of options. YOU’VE GOT OPTIONS – HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!?!? Once you choose either to have a romantic elopement or to have an intimate wedding, planning for your ceremony photography is important. As a wedding photographer based in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape,I am sooo hekkin’ stoked to bear witness to your beautifully intimate affair!!

Here are three key elements to keep in mind when it comes to my services and your ceremony:

Pricing — Elopements involve less time and therefore less photography coverage and due to the nature of the ceremony, most of the elopements I photograph are based on 3 hours of photography coverage. If this is your jam, you just have to book The Heartful Fir which is an hourly investment priced at R1,700.00 per hour!!

Availability — My availability for elopements are more flexible and normally book out Thursdays, Fridays or even Saturdays for these kind of love affairs!!

If you decide that sealing your love just can’t wait, chances are the day of the week won’t matter. Just give me a heads-up as to your plans. I consider myself a spontaneous person (my bags may not be packed, my coffee cup full, but my since of adventure is always there!!) However, as much notice as possible helps me to pack my best equipment and to arrange my schedule!

Guest List — If there are more guests, the ceremony is usually longer, and there is often some type of reception. My pricing is based on these factors, all of which include the size, scope, and type of ceremony.

Your wedding day is a ONCE IN A lifetime event – whether you choose a romantic elopement among the trees or you plan a small, intimate wedding, making sure you have your perfect fit photographer is a HARD yes!!

It’s easy to get sidetracked with all the sparkles and outside influences when planning a wedding, but remember, your dream of a romantic elopement or small, intimate wedding is completely possible!! No matter who you invite or where your ceremony takes place or what elements you choose to have at your wedding or elopement, I cannot wait to be there for you to serve you with love and foster all your precious memories, because above all, I want you to remember!

All you need to do, is just send me that enquiry!!

Lovers, time is fleeting, I see beauty everywhere and my vision is to curate and foster a soulful connection for you and to artfully weave your story into wistful nostalgia. Mindfully observing so that you can remember forever.


I’d love to have a chat with you to find out more about the vision for your day and to see if you lovers and I are a perfect it!!

Enquire here about my services because I cannot wait to hear from you!!