Heyy Lover, this journal entry is for you, to get a better feel for the photographic magic that you’re about to experience, because you have just booked a soul session and need just that little bit more inspiration after you received your style guide via email.

Aesthetics are Everything and that is why I do a little social stalking to establish what kind of things you love.

From there I head over to Pinterest to find some inspiration and then create a personalised mood board just for you that we use to style the perfect look for your soul session.

The planning part is so much fun and once we’ve crafted the perfect plan, we’ll get together on the day at the location that we locked down and create some art.

Unpopular Opinion: Having your photo taken means you’re not feeling just a little bit awkward in front of the camera. This is not always the case but for many of my clients it is and that’s why I have found that structuring a session in a certain way creates a safe space for you and enables me to capture artful moments through guided, micro adjustments.

This might be your first time getting your photo taken as a couple, but this isn’t my first time creating and collaborating with couples to take photos. I’ve worked with people of all kinds and it’s important that you trust that this is a collaboration between you and me.

I am so grateful for you showing up and willing to embracing my take on creating heartful, cinematic, artful imagery and I’m embracing everything you are as people to help me see the vision that will produce the most magical cinematic art that will be guaranteed to take your breath away.

Here’s some feedback from past collaborations and I mean, just read this: “Lize made us feel very comfortable and guided us throughout the whole shoot. I knew the results were going to be stunning but when I received my whole album within 2 days, I was shocked. She is very professional but feels like your friend at the same time. The results are everything I wished for. The photo’s are breathtaking and I could not recommend Lize more!”

I cannot wait to create with you!

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