Heyyy Lovers!!

Cuddle up close and listen here…You grab your babe, I’ll bring the bubbly. It’s time for your engagement session and what better way to celebrate than with a bottle of something cold that sparkles?! Let’s talk about how you pop bubbly for the perfect engagement photos.

PRO TIPS ➡ these tips apply just the same to sparkling cider too

Tip #1: Pop the Top Before You Shake

This is the KEY to a good pop – before you get ready for the really fun stuff, gently pull the cork out of your bottle! Now that you’ve pulled the cork it’s time to get in position.

Tip #2: Cuddle Up Close!!

The best tip I have for any good photo is make sure you’re always in contact with your significant other. You want to look connected and not awkward, right? When in doubt, grab an arm, stand front-to-back or hold bear hug your partner from behind before the action starts.

Tips #3: Get in Position and Shake It!

Once you’re comfy, it’s time to grab your bottle. Whoever is going to do the shaking, cover the top of the bottle with both thumbs and start shaking. Slowly slide your fingers off the mouth of the bottle and let the spray go. I always tell my couples to leave it partly covered because that create more of the spray effect.

When the spray dies down, cover that sucker back up, shake and repeat! Don’t panic if it doesn’t go as planned the first time, you can always keep shaking and the spray will keep coming.

Tip #4: Sippy – Sippy, Hurray!

That was fun, wasn’t it? But don’t forget to take turns feeding each other from the bottle…I mean, no reason to waste good bubbly, right?

Bonus Tip: Save the Best for Last

Always do this at the very end of your session! We are going to get those bubbles everywhere – so save the best for last!

Ready to book your own champagne-popping session? I’ll grab a bottle and you grab your person and meet me where the sun sets!